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What is creativity? What is inspiration? I don’t know. All I know is that throughout my life I have felt compelled to compose, write, draw, speak, develop expressions of something that cannot be expressed any other way then through song, poetry, story, film  or some other media that we call art.

Inspired means that the spirit is in me working on something I don’t understand until it is manifest…and most times it will not let me go until I have given birth to it and taught it how to walk and live on its own.  So welcome to my motley ohana of children of inspiration….in various stages of life and growth.

I love them very much and they are all up for adoption…you see they multiply as they spread…and not one is left an orphan.



I am primarily a Songwriter. When you point to the Music tab you will see 3 categories of music, Island Road -Songs Along the Way, Yes To Forever - Faith Songs, and Beyond Words (pure music instrumentals) , explore them all or just the ones you are drawn too.  There will be sub-categories that are songs collections as well as individual song pages. Every songs gets a page. On that page will be the song to listen to, the lyrics,  the story of the song, song notes, related videos and photos, and comments from other visitors. There will also be ways for you to share the songs any way you like.










This is also a place for you interact with me.

Let me know when a song moves you or speaks to you in some way.

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