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What the Easter Bunny Never Told Me

What Christ showed me on the day of resurrection was something the Easter Bunny had never shown me…all those Sundays, colored eggs hiding their secret.

This is a story for all of you who delight in the game of hide and seek, hide and find…like all children do…

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Two Birthdays…

Today I celebrate my birth on this earth 59 years ago in Palo Alto, California.

I arrived and began to grow…and now I am nearly 60 years old.

Life has been a journey with many turns but through it all “i carried the corpse like a question”.

I knew I was born and that I would die and so what was the meaning of this life.

Today also I celebrate my second birth, this birth not of Earth but from Heaven. 13 years ago I answered the question of the corpse when I accepted eternal life as a free gift from my Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ.  Through faith I know that when this earthly body dies my spirit shall ascend to the One I love and who loves me. Through faith I know that just as He  was resurrected in an immortal body so shall I be and that we shall live forever, together with all who receive this gift.

My heart is full of love for all of you who have been born and desiring always that you may, if not yet, be born again of Spirit that your joy in life may be complete.

God Bless You this day.

1 hour of prayer is worth 100 hours of hard work.

I have been working long and hard to earn money in order to provide for my family and to be able to travel with them and see the world as is their desire.

Today I stopped and prayed in faith to Jesus and as I prayed I asked for all the things that I have been working so hard for — however for this purpose, so that our family could be a blessing to all the families of the world, just as the Messiah was promised to be and now is a blessing to all the families of the world.

And so as I prayed I was given clarity that it is good to ask of the LORD for He longs to hear the sincere prayers of our heart and to answer them with power, moving mountains and tearing down fortresses before us, declaring Himself alone sovereign over all things.

And I was filled with Spirit of the LORD and strengthened in the power of the Holy Spirit and given confidence and joy, for I know this, God is pleased to give all that He has to those who trust in Him.

So I say this, one hour in prayer is worth a hundred hours of hard work.

Happiness Depends On…

A friend commented..most people are not happy like you, they work 2 jobs and are just trying to stay afloat. I thought ‘that is me” My happiness does not depend on my situation, it depends on my salvation!

Sight and Sound

I just put together some photos to go with different sets of music.

Music and Imagery go together well.

Album covers have always been an art form and even in the age of digital music, the image still follows the song as if they belong together…..

Live Love Daily

Honest to God, my goal is to live love everyday.

All Who Are Out Are In Free

Sunday morning I picked up my daughter from an overnight birthday party at the Hilton Hawaiian Village…the best playground in Waikiki.

I had to negotiate her wearing an Easter Dress. “I don’t wear dresses” says my 8 year old. My final tactic, just do it for Daddy.  Gosh she’s pretty in pink.

What does that have to do with the miracle of the resurrected Christ. As WAR says “nothing, absolutely nothing”.

Our Bible study focused on better understanding why we believe what we believe about Sunday Morning 33 AD, the day after Passover Sabbath.

One detail we focused on was the fact that the Gospels report that the disciples Peter and John entered the empty tomb with the covering rock rolled away and found the cloth covering the face of Jesus was rolled up neatly on the slab.
One forensic question is, if the body was stolen why would they leave the cloth, and why would they fold it neatly.

My weird sense of humor popped up and I said “I’m going to use this fact to shame my children.” Daddy ” You know when Jesus rose from the grave, he took the time to fold his cloth neatly, why can’t you do that when you just wake up in the morning”

But really…consider that Jesus arose and was fully clothed when seen. The Bible promises to exchange our ‘filthy rags” with a new robe of righteousness from God that lasts forever and stays clean! Ain’t no laundry in Heaven.

Jesus’ new clothes are an extension of his new resurrection body, a body that is a material body that is filled with and manifests eternal life.  This same body takes the elements of the earth up to Heaven when Jesus ascends, paving the way for the final reconciliation of Spiritual and Material, Heaven and Earth that is goal of Gods plan.   “The Kingdom of Heaven has become the Kingdom of Earth” cries the angel in the Revelation of Jesus Christ…the last book of the Bible.

My Jewish mother came to the Easter Service. Later she brought over some Matzo ball soup. I helped her make it…and relayed the story of why Matzo is unleavened bread. I learned more about the Jewish story after I became a disciple of Christ then I ever knew before…the Bible after all is the main source of information on the history of Israel.

My kids and I dyed Easter eggs and I hid them throughout the yard. Hide and seek being there favorite game they love the Easter egg hunt.  When I do a home bible study with them they always ask to play hide and seek…at the end. This comes from the lesson we did on Adam and Eve and how they hid from God once they had sinned against Gods word and warning.   Still we hide from God in the bushes as if God has no idea where we are…and He calls to us by name , Bruce where are you and why are you hiding?

But on Easter morning in the great cycle of hide and seek God says “All who are out and in free!” Come out of those bushes…its time to home…

To and Fro We Go

Went to an international marriage Thai Food party. I wasn’t going to go but my wife called and said “you’ve got to come to this…there are 5 haole guys there”.

That means I can have an English conversation. (Haole in Hawaii means Caucasian and usually means speaking English). All the wives were Japanese and most of these families met while living in Japan or doing business with Japan.

This home makes my wife feel bad because it is so big and clean! Even though they have 3 kids. Compared to our small and almost always messy townhouse. However this hostess is full time housewife and my wife is full time realtor.

One guy I met runs an international organic vanilla company with farmers in New Guinea (the place where they ate a Rockefeller for lunch back in the day). They have an interesting incentive program where the farmers get a percentage of the final processed vanilla’s sales as well as the initial raw vanilla bean sale. this encourages farmers to stay loyal and ship only the best beans.  They communicate with their farmers via Skype.
Another person I met was a Honolulu Policeman. We talked high tech and Hawaii 5-0 and he told me the story of 2 businessmen who went to the North Shore with 3 computers and had there car broken into and all computers ripped off.  Well one of them was an iPad and so they use, Apples internet host, to track the iPad. they could see it move to a house in Kahuku and later to a beach park.  The police tracked a suspicious car which then headed up Pupukea Road to the very end where the thiefs bolted into the fields…field I know from way back when we collected certain mushrooms from the cow pastures.

The next person, our host, related his career path starting with Cheap Tickets where he worked under a person I know and actually interviewed to be CEO of my former educational software company.  Cheap Tickets was sold to multinational conglomerate Cendant. Cendant split into 4 companies and he went with one to Beiging China to set up a joint venture for travel. This didn’t pan out so next to Hong Kong and finally back to Hawaii run the web marketing division of a local Hotel chain.

Technology was the common thread here that allowed people to connect with each other and travel “to and fro” in unprecedented ways allowing for more global interconnections…and international marriages.

All of our kids are ‘hapa”, Hawaiian for half. Applies to any off spring of a mixed marriage.

In Hawaii this is more common than not and no stigma attaches to it.
One of my favorite musical groups is HAPA….one Irishman and one Hawaiian making awesome music together.

One of my favorite songs by them is “In the name of Love”. One man came in the Name of Love…that was Martin Luther King…who bore the love brought by another man who came in the name of Love…his name was Yeshua ( in English — Jesus).