Good Friday Earth Day

Honest to God my goal is to live love everyday…

Here we are in the thick of it, life, swirling around us with an unending current of whirls and eddies pulling this way and that.

Today is Good Friday… a good day to begin.

“Darkness at the Break of Noon” bob dylan from  its all right ma I’m only bleeding

This day at the break of noon around 2000 years ago Darkness descended on Jerusalem and covered the land for the next 3 yours while Jesus of Nazareth hung crucified, nailed to a wooden cross on the hill called the skull, Golgotha (translated as Calvary).

My thoughts go there, my heart goes there, I want to know why Jesus is there and why the one who taught love, was hated and killed.

Yet also on this day I have work to do for those who depend on me…my clients…and today I will spend time with my family. There is my next door neighbor I need to check on…she is elderly and not well.

I have made a comittment to share my songs, writings, art etc here through this web page and so I need to prepare the  offerings and invite you to partake.  Since today is Good Friday (and Sunday’s a coming) I am featuring a song called Roll That Rock. Now I don’t know if Jesus likes Rock and Roll but I know that He Rolled That Rock…away….that rock that sealed his tomb…the rock of death…he rolled that rock away…and rose and breathed and shone.

He also bled on this day and so there is a song about His blood….how it is through his blood alone that we are written in the book of life.  I am sure that there is nothing I can do on my own…though I tried a lifetime of justifying myself…to make myself right with God.  I am hopeless. I admit it.  Thats the second song….The Blood of Christ.

Finally its Earth day. The Earth that we are destroying through our ignorance and greed. Is turning around and caring for the Earth opposed to the Christian faith…or is an act of love that is the essence of Christian faith and the very mission we are given as human beings, to steward the living earth.

So there is a meditation on this  I wrote called Green Jesus. (Read and discuss….I got that from VH1)