Sight and Sound

I just put together some photos to go with different sets of music.

Music and Imagery go together well.

Album covers have always been an art form and even in the age of digital music, the image still follows the song as if they belong together…..

Peace Beyond All Time

This song was written in the 80′s. It contrasts the minds abstract search for truth and unity with the peace that is beyond time found in a person.  What person is this? I didn’t know at the time and so this is a prophetic song.

Peace Beyond All Time by brucedcampbell


I have seen inside your eyes a peace beyond all time
And I have touched inside your heart a love that ever shines

I saw the greatest minds…digging toward the one
They could seek but they could not find, when all was said and done

But I have seen inside your eyes a peace beyond all time
And I have touched inside your heart a love that ever shines

I saw the rockets fly across the universe
All they found when they reached the other side was the echo of their own curse

But I have seen inside your eyes a peace beyond all time
And I have touched inside your heart a love that ever shines


Song notes:I tried to record this as separate tracks but it didn’t work out. Some of these songs have to be played live with the guitar in order for me to sing them in the way I feel them. This is one of them.

I added two different guitar tracks. The first to add a lead and the second to add dynamism to the two verses.


How We Should Pray

For my Dad in Heaven on Fathers Day

How We Should Pray

Jesus said to the people “when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

(Jesus offered this same prayer to his closest disciples and to the crowds that came to see him when he gave his sermon on the mount.  It was no way meant for one group but was meant as a perfect model of prayer for all.)

Jesus said to them “This is how you should pray”

Our Father Who Art In Heaven

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Will Be Done

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our sins as we forgive those that sin against us

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the Evil one

For Thine is the Kingdom

And Thine is the Power

An Thine is the Glory

Forever and ever

Lets explore together this prayer taught to us by Jesus….

Prayers can be sung…here is the prayer in song
HowWeShouldPray by YesToForever

Our Father Who Art In Heaven

Our Father! God is no longer a distant LORD, an unknowable mystery, too sacred to utter His name. He is our loving Father, our eternal Daddy (Abba), and we are His children.

This first line of the prayer is perhaps the most powerful affirmation of who God is and who we are in relationship to God that is in the Bible.  It personalizes the truth that God is love, that God is the loving father who runs to us and throws his arms around us and kisses us when we return home shamed and broke spiritually from our adventures in rebellion.

This first line also tells us where Our Father is. Where is His Home – Heaven, His eternal abode and our homeland. We are his children and when we return home to Him we must go where He is.

Heaven is our home. Heaven is the place where Our Father lives. Yet we shall see that it is Heaven united with Earth is where Our Heavenly Father will establish His Final Kingdom….

Hallowed Be Thy Name.

The word hagaizo means to Sanctify, to put apart, to affirm as sacred and holy. We are to do that to Our Fathers Name.  But Church how lost are we that we do not know our own Fathers name?  Yet we should know it for He revealed it as His covenant name to Moses.  His most sacred name is YWYH.  The pronunciation that the English translators give is Jehovah.  However based on biblical research into the earliest biblical translations and ancient Hebrew the most likely pronunciation is Yahweh.

That is His Name. He told us it’s meaning – I AM THAT I AM – tell the people I AM (Yahweh) sent you.

Our Father is the Source of All Existence. He is Self Existent, He Is, He Was and He Will Be.  Our Father Has Always Lives and Will Always Live, He is Eternal Life Now.

That’s why we should know and Reverence His Name that He revealed to us. Because in His Name is the truth of Eternal Life.

Thy Kingdom Come

This is a call for God’s Eternal Kingdom, or as Jesus called it the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven, to come forth, to manifest, to establish itself.  Where? He will reveal it.

Thy Will Be Done

Why do we pray that God, the Almighty’s Will Be Done? For who can stop God’s will?

Ultimately no one can. But in our lives on Earth, personally and as a human race we are all about our own will’s not God’s. We live opposed to Gods will all day long and the results are devastating and evident in the suffering all around us and within our own souls.

Please hear in this line of the prayer the words of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane as he struggled with the reality of his coming sacrificial torture and death on the cross.  “But not my will but Thy Will Be Done” In doing God’s Will perfectly on Earth Jesus planted the see of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

God, Our Father’s Kingdom is already Manifest in Heaven where He sits upon the Throne of Glory, and Gods Will is done in Heaven through the angels who live there for the angels that rebelled are thrown down to Earth with their leader out of Heaven.

So we are to pray that the Kingdom and Will of God in Heaven Comes to Earth and is made Manifest, visible and triumphant overcoming all evil.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Jesus said to Satan, a man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  So our daily bread is not only our physical needs and food but also our spiritual needs and spiritual food.

Notice we are not asking for tomorrow’s bread or the next days. We are asking only for today’s in faith that day-by-day God will provide our needs.

And Forgive Us Our Sins as We Forgive those that Sin against Us.

What we need most is Gods forgiveness, His staggering grace in the face of our unbridled sin. Sin is missing the mark and we have terrible aim.  Yet how can we receive grace and mercy from God whom we have sinned against and refuse it to those who sin against us?  Shall we add hypocrisy to our list of sins?  This is a powerful active affirmation that we will forgive others… It does not say that we will think about forgiving others or try our best to forgive others, it says as we forgive those who have wronged us.

It does not say that Gods forgiveness is dependent on our forgiveness yet it ties them together as a chain of grace that extends from God to us and from us to all whom we know and live with.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Shall God lead us into temptation?  The Spirit called Jesus into the desert for 40 days. These were 40 days of purification and communion with His Father. It was at the end of that time that Satan tempted him. God did not lead Jesus to Satan. Satan found Jesus there.

However God does test us. He does not keep us completely locked up in a spiritual room. He grows us in contact with the world and all of its temptations.  That world is dark and full of temptations’ calling on our desires, lusts, pride, unbelief, and apathy…

But Deliver Us From Evil (or the Evil One)

In the end we cannot overcome temptation. We cannot help from going off the path and we fall into the traps of the Evil One. But our God is a Deliverer. Our Father rescues us from the one who would steal our lives, and our souls.

We need His protection, we need his deliverance, and we need His salvation.

God Saves – this is His Chosen Name for His Messiah, His Anointed One, Christ…Jesus, Yeshua means God Saves. Jesus is our means of deliverance. Through Him alone we have forgiveness, mercy and grace unlimited and without condition.

For Thine is the Kingdom and Thine is the Power and Thine is the Glory forever and ever.

These three affirmations rise like a crescendo of trumpets sounding our faith in our Father’s Eternal Glorious Reign on Heaven and Earth.

We started by bonding with our Dad and calling for Him to come from Heaven to live, rule and reign on Earth within and without us, then we asked Him to take care us, show him our gratitude for his forgiveness by forgiving others, asked for His deliverance and salvation, and finally shouting His omnipotence and glorious reign forever.

What a prayer! We didn’t ask for that Porsche and we didn’t ask for that raise but we covered all the ground that Jesus gave us to cover from Heaven to Earth, from God to our fellow human beings, from Evils clutches to eternal life in the Kingdom of God uniting Heaven and Earth.

Thanks Dad! I learned it from your Son.


Happy Father’s Day 2011

Bruce D. Campbell



Live Love Daily

Honest to God, my goal is to live love everyday.

Who Is The King of Glory?

This phrase is from a Psalm of King David composed some 3,ooo years ago. The question stuck in my mind from the first time I read it.

Late one night last week that question became a song…there was a rhythm to it and kind of melody…but more a rhythmic flow that carried me onward.

So in the spirit of sharing the process of creating a song here is the original version I recorded the next day through the built in mic of my laptop computer….this is the raw stuff out of which a polished gems seeks to emerge.

KingOfGlory by YesToForever

All Who Are Out Are In Free

Sunday morning I picked up my daughter from an overnight birthday party at the Hilton Hawaiian Village…the best playground in Waikiki.

I had to negotiate her wearing an Easter Dress. “I don’t wear dresses” says my 8 year old. My final tactic, just do it for Daddy.  Gosh she’s pretty in pink.

What does that have to do with the miracle of the resurrected Christ. As WAR says “nothing, absolutely nothing”.

Our Bible study focused on better understanding why we believe what we believe about Sunday Morning 33 AD, the day after Passover Sabbath.

One detail we focused on was the fact that the Gospels report that the disciples Peter and John entered the empty tomb with the covering rock rolled away and found the cloth covering the face of Jesus was rolled up neatly on the slab.
One forensic question is, if the body was stolen why would they leave the cloth, and why would they fold it neatly.

My weird sense of humor popped up and I said “I’m going to use this fact to shame my children.” Daddy ” You know when Jesus rose from the grave, he took the time to fold his cloth neatly, why can’t you do that when you just wake up in the morning”

But really…consider that Jesus arose and was fully clothed when seen. The Bible promises to exchange our ‘filthy rags” with a new robe of righteousness from God that lasts forever and stays clean! Ain’t no laundry in Heaven.

Jesus’ new clothes are an extension of his new resurrection body, a body that is a material body that is filled with and manifests eternal life.  This same body takes the elements of the earth up to Heaven when Jesus ascends, paving the way for the final reconciliation of Spiritual and Material, Heaven and Earth that is goal of Gods plan.   “The Kingdom of Heaven has become the Kingdom of Earth” cries the angel in the Revelation of Jesus Christ…the last book of the Bible.

My Jewish mother came to the Easter Service. Later she brought over some Matzo ball soup. I helped her make it…and relayed the story of why Matzo is unleavened bread. I learned more about the Jewish story after I became a disciple of Christ then I ever knew before…the Bible after all is the main source of information on the history of Israel.

My kids and I dyed Easter eggs and I hid them throughout the yard. Hide and seek being there favorite game they love the Easter egg hunt.  When I do a home bible study with them they always ask to play hide and seek…at the end. This comes from the lesson we did on Adam and Eve and how they hid from God once they had sinned against Gods word and warning.   Still we hide from God in the bushes as if God has no idea where we are…and He calls to us by name , Bruce where are you and why are you hiding?

But on Easter morning in the great cycle of hide and seek God says “All who are out and in free!” Come out of those bushes…its time to home…

To and Fro We Go

Went to an international marriage Thai Food party. I wasn’t going to go but my wife called and said “you’ve got to come to this…there are 5 haole guys there”.

That means I can have an English conversation. (Haole in Hawaii means Caucasian and usually means speaking English). All the wives were Japanese and most of these families met while living in Japan or doing business with Japan.

This home makes my wife feel bad because it is so big and clean! Even though they have 3 kids. Compared to our small and almost always messy townhouse. However this hostess is full time housewife and my wife is full time realtor.

One guy I met runs an international organic vanilla company with farmers in New Guinea (the place where they ate a Rockefeller for lunch back in the day). They have an interesting incentive program where the farmers get a percentage of the final processed vanilla’s sales as well as the initial raw vanilla bean sale. this encourages farmers to stay loyal and ship only the best beans.  They communicate with their farmers via Skype.
Another person I met was a Honolulu Policeman. We talked high tech and Hawaii 5-0 and he told me the story of 2 businessmen who went to the North Shore with 3 computers and had there car broken into and all computers ripped off.  Well one of them was an iPad and so they use, Apples internet host, to track the iPad. they could see it move to a house in Kahuku and later to a beach park.  The police tracked a suspicious car which then headed up Pupukea Road to the very end where the thiefs bolted into the fields…field I know from way back when we collected certain mushrooms from the cow pastures.

The next person, our host, related his career path starting with Cheap Tickets where he worked under a person I know and actually interviewed to be CEO of my former educational software company.  Cheap Tickets was sold to multinational conglomerate Cendant. Cendant split into 4 companies and he went with one to Beiging China to set up a joint venture for travel. This didn’t pan out so next to Hong Kong and finally back to Hawaii run the web marketing division of a local Hotel chain.

Technology was the common thread here that allowed people to connect with each other and travel “to and fro” in unprecedented ways allowing for more global interconnections…and international marriages.

All of our kids are ‘hapa”, Hawaiian for half. Applies to any off spring of a mixed marriage.

In Hawaii this is more common than not and no stigma attaches to it.
One of my favorite musical groups is HAPA….one Irishman and one Hawaiian making awesome music together.

One of my favorite songs by them is “In the name of Love”. One man came in the Name of Love…that was Martin Luther King…who bore the love brought by another man who came in the name of Love…his name was Yeshua ( in English — Jesus).

Stilt and the Heron

Today the owners of the townhouse we live in met to discuss issues regarding finances, repairs and our relationship with the bird sanctuary fronting our property.

Afterword I spoke with an owner who lived here years ago and recently returned. As we talked about the tsunami he live through in Crescent City , California we noticed 2 Hawaiian stilts by the lagoon.

He said that was a good sign since we had not seen any for a while and they are on the endangered species list.  Part of that came from the community pitching in and cleaning out invasive algae that got piled up extra from the small tsunami surge from Japan.

Later at the Hilton Hawaiian village I saw a heron with a long white feather down its back and recognized it as the same bird I sometimes see sitting alone atop a tree at the edge of the lagoon.

What beautiful specials birds they both are…they somehow speak to an ancient part of me…and I am awed by the wonder of creation and life on earth. Fly on brother birds.



Good Friday Earth Day

Honest to God my goal is to live love everyday…

Here we are in the thick of it, life, swirling around us with an unending current of whirls and eddies pulling this way and that.

Today is Good Friday… a good day to begin.

“Darkness at the Break of Noon” bob dylan from  its all right ma I’m only bleeding

This day at the break of noon around 2000 years ago Darkness descended on Jerusalem and covered the land for the next 3 yours while Jesus of Nazareth hung crucified, nailed to a wooden cross on the hill called the skull, Golgotha (translated as Calvary).

My thoughts go there, my heart goes there, I want to know why Jesus is there and why the one who taught love, was hated and killed.

Yet also on this day I have work to do for those who depend on me…my clients…and today I will spend time with my family. There is my next door neighbor I need to check on…she is elderly and not well.

I have made a comittment to share my songs, writings, art etc here through this web page and so I need to prepare the  offerings and invite you to partake.  Since today is Good Friday (and Sunday’s a coming) I am featuring a song called Roll That Rock. Now I don’t know if Jesus likes Rock and Roll but I know that He Rolled That Rock…away….that rock that sealed his tomb…the rock of death…he rolled that rock away…and rose and breathed and shone.

He also bled on this day and so there is a song about His blood….how it is through his blood alone that we are written in the book of life.  I am sure that there is nothing I can do on my own…though I tried a lifetime of justifying myself…to make myself right with God.  I am hopeless. I admit it.  Thats the second song….The Blood of Christ.

Finally its Earth day. The Earth that we are destroying through our ignorance and greed. Is turning around and caring for the Earth opposed to the Christian faith…or is an act of love that is the essence of Christian faith and the very mission we are given as human beings, to steward the living earth.

So there is a meditation on this  I wrote called Green Jesus. (Read and discuss….I got that from VH1)