Rock On

There is an inner rocker in any musician brought up in the 60′s, even one who is nearing his 60′s

Today I spent the day with my inner rocker recording this new song He’s Given Me A Rock.

It was hard labor and its far from perfect but it is what it is and it is here for anyone to listen to.

When I was younger I wrote a song called I Can’t Find A Place To Stand.

Truly that was my life’s anthem until I was 45 years old.

It was then that God gave me a Rock where I can stand.

The Rock He gave me with great love was His salvation in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

How solid is that rock! Unlike all else in my life it has never shifted and never given way.

My life has been all about learning to stand on this Rock.  (Its good for dancing as well).

Here”s the link to the song¬† He’s Given Me A Rock

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