Stilt and the Heron

Today the owners of the townhouse we live in met to discuss issues regarding finances, repairs and our relationship with the bird sanctuary fronting our property.

Afterword I spoke with an owner who lived here years ago and recently returned. As we talked about the tsunami he live through in Crescent City , California we noticed 2 Hawaiian stilts by the lagoon.

He said that was a good sign since we had not seen any for a while and they are on the endangered species list.  Part of that came from the community pitching in and cleaning out invasive algae that got piled up extra from the small tsunami surge from Japan.

Later at the Hilton Hawaiian village I saw a heron with a long white feather down its back and recognized it as the same bird I sometimes see sitting alone atop a tree at the edge of the lagoon.

What beautiful specials birds they both are…they somehow speak to an ancient part of me…and I am awed by the wonder of creation and life on earth. Fly on brother birds.



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