Island Road Music

These are the songs of life and love along the road I have lived here in the Islands and on the island we call Earth in the sea we call Space.

There are two mix tapes (song collections) being built here.

Love’s Journey -

This journey starts as a teenager falling in love for the first time and follows the arc of self-discovery on the road of life.

Here is a song from Love’s Journey – Peace Beyond All Time – this a song from the 80′s. In a sense it was prophetic because it was about a person that I had not met…the only person that could give me true peace.

Island Road -

These are songs that rise out of the Aina ( the living land of Hawaii) , songs of place (Mele Pana, songs of my life in the islands.

I have been blessed to live in Hawaii since the late 60′s and it has been truly a journey of discovery of the rich cultures that dwell together here founded on the beauty and abundance of the Aina.

In recent years I have had the pleasure of playing Hawaiian music with the Busboyz of Hanahauoli and this has transformed years of listening to Hawaiian music to playing it. I play all by heart and listening since I have no training…but Kanakapila…usually at a ‘hale of a Busboy…on the porch….or wherever…just get together and play has taught me the spirit of the music.

Here is a song from Island Road — Maunalua Bay


Each song has its own page…its own story…and you can add to that story with your comments…I really want to hear from you, yeh you!