Island Road

I came to Hawaii in 1967 on a flying canoe.
I still live here in 2011…it is my home on Earth, an island in space.

These are songs that rise out of the Aina ( the living land of Hawaii) , songs of place (Mele Pana, songs of my life in the islands.


The mix-tape in progress here:

Island Road by brucedcampbell

Here are the songs coming for Island Road —

Maunalua Bay -here
Island Road – here
One More Day In Paradise -coming
O Joy – coming
The Waters of Makiki – coming
I Will Keep Your Name in My Heart -coming
Ain’t It A Good Day (To Give All Your Loving Away) – coming


Each song has its own page…its own story…and you can add to that story with your comments…I really want to hear from you.