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YesToForever – Songs of Faith

Here are songs of Faith, born of Heaven to be sung on Earth.

The first mix-tape of these songs is call Step Out In Faith

‘We have seen mountains before us, sink into the sea

And so we put all of our faith in Thee’ from the song Step Out In Faith

Step Out In Faith

Featured song – He’s Given Me A Rock

HesGivenMeARock3 by brucedcampbell

Step Out In Faith by brucedcampbell

Here are songs of faith.

Faith found me, I didn’t find it.

And these songs found me and I surrendered to them until they were formed through me.

Songs of faith explore the mystery of belief in Some One Who cannot be seen by the eyes of the body but only perceived by the eyes of the heart, of the spirit.

“What is this faith

That stands alone

From anything

I’ve ever known

Shining like

An eternal star

It says to me

That you are

My God.”

From What Is This Faith

The first mixtape for these songs is called Step Out In Faith