To and Fro We Go

Went to an international marriage Thai Food party. I wasn’t going to go but my wife called and said “you’ve got to come to this…there are 5 haole guys there”.

That means I can have an English conversation. (Haole in Hawaii means Caucasian and usually means speaking English). All the wives were Japanese and most of these families met while living in Japan or doing business with Japan.

This home makes my wife feel bad because it is so big and clean! Even though they have 3 kids. Compared to our small and almost always messy townhouse. However this hostess is full time housewife and my wife is full time realtor.

One guy I met runs an international organic vanilla company with farmers in New Guinea (the place where they ate a Rockefeller for lunch back in the day). They have an interesting incentive program where the farmers get a percentage of the final processed vanilla’s sales as well as the initial raw vanilla bean sale. this encourages farmers to stay loyal and ship only the best beans.  They communicate with their farmers via Skype.
Another person I met was a Honolulu Policeman. We talked high tech and Hawaii 5-0 and he told me the story of 2 businessmen who went to the North Shore with 3 computers and had there car broken into and all computers ripped off.  Well one of them was an iPad and so they use, Apples internet host, to track the iPad. they could see it move to a house in Kahuku and later to a beach park.  The police tracked a suspicious car which then headed up Pupukea Road to the very end where the thiefs bolted into the fields…field I know from way back when we collected certain mushrooms from the cow pastures.

The next person, our host, related his career path starting with Cheap Tickets where he worked under a person I know and actually interviewed to be CEO of my former educational software company.  Cheap Tickets was sold to multinational conglomerate Cendant. Cendant split into 4 companies and he went with one to Beiging China to set up a joint venture for travel. This didn’t pan out so next to Hong Kong and finally back to Hawaii run the web marketing division of a local Hotel chain.

Technology was the common thread here that allowed people to connect with each other and travel “to and fro” in unprecedented ways allowing for more global interconnections…and international marriages.

All of our kids are ‘hapa”, Hawaiian for half. Applies to any off spring of a mixed marriage.

In Hawaii this is more common than not and no stigma attaches to it.
One of my favorite musical groups is HAPA….one Irishman and one Hawaiian making awesome music together.

One of my favorite songs by them is “In the name of Love”. One man came in the Name of Love…that was Martin Luther King…who bore the love brought by another man who came in the name of Love…his name was Yeshua ( in English — Jesus).

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