Two Birthdays…

Today I celebrate my birth on this earth 59 years ago in Palo Alto, California.

I arrived and began to grow…and now I am nearly 60 years old.

Life has been a journey with many turns but through it all “i carried the corpse like a question”.

I knew I was born and that I would die and so what was the meaning of this life.

Today also I celebrate my second birth, this birth not of Earth but from Heaven. 13 years ago I answered the question of the corpse when I accepted eternal life as a free gift from my Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ.  Through faith I know that when this earthly body dies my spirit shall ascend to the One I love and who loves me. Through faith I know that just as He  was resurrected in an immortal body so shall I be and that we shall live forever, together with all who receive this gift.

My heart is full of love for all of you who have been born and desiring always that you may, if not yet, be born again of Spirit that your joy in life may be complete.

God Bless You this day.

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