I write.

Here you will find stories, poems, perhaps even a novel about the future of the world, and essays. These are in addition to my intermittent blog, Live Love Daily (which does not = Blog Love Daily)


  1. What The Easter Bunny Never Told Me
  2. The Gift
  3. Evergreen – a Christmas Story

Keiki Stories : For Kidz

  1. The Ducks Who Had Too Much Fun – series
  2. The Ant Who Came From the Sun
  3. The Boy Who Stopped Time


The Penguin Brief : A brief history of the future – this is in formation and you can be part of it.

I need feedback on the first and subsequent chapters as I release them.

You will be the first to know what is in the Brief!




Pretty much all songs for now….visit the lyrics section of any song


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